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A Puppy Trim is a service designed for young dogs who are visiting the Groomer for the first time. The grooming experience can be quite daunting at first as they are in a strange environment, with someone they don't know and are being handled in a way they are not yet used to.


A puppy trim includes a bath and brush service and trimming around the eyes, feet and bum. They may have their ears plucked if it is necessary and their nails trimmed - don't we love sharp puppy nails!


At Hardwick Hounds, extra time is allowed for a puppy trim so it may take as long as a clip and scissor service to allow the pup to get used to grooming in its own time.

Puppy Grooming

Cockerpoo Puppy on the dog grooming table. from rotherham paw paw Maltese Puppy Trim Groomers Sheffield After