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Nail cutting is part of the grooming service at Hardwick Hounds or £7 on it’s own for dogs, cats and rabbits and guinea pigs.


We use professional nail clippers and have small and large ones. We understand that most pets are uncomfortable with having their nails cut for different reasons and we do our utmost to make your pet feel comfortable.


In our experience, most pets are calmer when on the grooming table and this ensures we can hold the paw in the most comfortable way. We take our time and talk to your pet throughout the service.

Dog Nail Cutting

Inside the nail is the ‘quick’, which is sensitive will bleed if cut. It can be seen in white nails but not on black nails. Often, you can feel the hollow part of the nail from the underside so we know where to cut.


The best way to check if your dog needs their nails cutting is to look at the nail when the dog is in normal standing position. If the nail is touching the floor, they definitely need cutting. If the nail is white, and you can see the quick, check to see how much white nail there is below, as this is the part we can trim. If the nails are curling around, check to see if they have pierced the pad, as this will need veterinary attention.

paw paw Terri the groomer cutting the nails of a beagle.