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Bath and Brush

A bath and brush service is great for all breeds of dogs and has lots of benefits for you and your dog.


At Hardwick Hounds we use a hydrobath, which uses pressurised shampoo solutions to clean deep down to the dogs skin. The power of the water pressure through the purposefully designed shower head gently massages the dogs skin, stimulating the skin cells and its natural oils. We only use Kelco shampoos which are made from all natural ingredients so it is great for your dogs skin and great for the environment.


The bath and brush service includes a professional wash in the hydrobath, cleaning of the ears and around the eyes, nail trimming, and cologne.

Ideal for:

Dirty dogs

Smelly dogs

Moulting dogs

Knotty dogs

In between grooms and

Plain pampered dogs!

Great Dane being washed in the dog hydro bath.

Above is Skye, my Great Dane, in the bath.


To the left:


A Staffordshire Bull Terrier in the hydrobath and a Labrador x having all the dead hair removed. Both of these dogs were rescued from Thornberry Animal Sanctuary.

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Located at Green Scene Side Farm in Sheffield